Project Managers – The Path between Strategy and Execution

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Often the value of a Project Manager is disregarded and discounted. A PM may be thought as a disposalable and replaceable resource engaged on a Project by Project Basis to meet a temporary business requirement.

Controversially, The Project Manager should be treasured, valued and adored by The Executive or Senior Management Team and be informed and regularly updated on the big picture and strategic direction of the organisation as well as consulted on decision making on a number of matters outside of the day to day, delivery of Projects.

Why you may be asking?

Well, let me tell you why a worthy PM ought to be The CEOs Best Friend.

Why the entire Project Management Team needs to be respected, acknowledged, commended, rewarded and valued as a key members of The Management Team.

The Executive Team might be the “brains behind the operation” and the ones that lead the organisation, repeatedly developing and surpassing their achievements of yesteryear, cultivating and promoting visions and strategies for the next unique product, cutting edge technology or whatever brilliant item or thing that puts the company on the map and sets up the organisation to be a leading player in their chosen industry.

However without the ability to deliver, supply and/or distribute the product or service in question, the vision and idea are merely only a dream. Only solid execution delivering the envisioned strategy will keep the organisation at the forefront of their game and ahead of their competitors perpetually.

By their own admission many companies admit they invest heavily with resources, funds and time when it comes to strategizing. High level executives are also likely to become involved and participate in the development of new strategies. On the flipside, they also admit they are somewhat weak when it comes to implementation.

Viewing development as a high level task requiring support from upper management and yet seeing executing as a lower or inferior task or concern, often considered to be below The C Suite and members of The Management Team is where it is falling over. With failure destine to follow.

Don’t be one of the large number of organisations that don’t follow through or follow through yet fail at the execution portion of the strategy.

It takes years of consistent execution for any establishment to accomplish sustainable competitive benefit from successful execution and such success cannot be achieved without exceptional Project Management.

To be successful, to deliver successful projects and ultimately successful outcomes.


Invest in Executing.

Invest in your company’s future.

Follow a proven Framework.

Engage the right Team, if necessary hire from outside the business.

Employ a proven Project Manager to lead the team, to lead the execution, to lead the venture, to ensure success.

Execution is simply getting Projects done and executing any strategy requires excellent Project Management. The most creative and greatest ideas won’t and can’t materialise without Project Managers to accomplish them.

The Project Management Profession may not be considered cool nor is it high profile. Their probably is not a child alive whom dreams of being a project Manager. We are not Rock Stars, Astronauts, Brain Surgeons, Athletes nor Movie Stars. Most Project Managers may not be creative, may not have been the best engineer, programmer or professional in their chosen field.

But we are organised, focused on not only the output but the process behind it, driven, motivated, results focused, reliable, resourceful and adaptable, somewhat perfectionists, we are detail orientated, and we never give up. We are the ones sitting in the dark corner long after everyone else has left for the day tapping away on our keyboards, talking on our Mobiles, working towards the end game, focused on completion. But most importantly we are the clandestine to achieving success, the link often missed between strategy and victory.

That is why Project Managers are the path between strategy and Execution!

That is why we are a vital part of all successful businesses!

Ray Turner

Principal Ray Turner Consultants