Situational Awareness – Walking to your Car at night in a Dark Car Park

Park as close as possible to the Store, Building, CarPark Entry, Main Road, etc.  and if possible under Cameras

If possible walk with others be it a security escort, a friend or wait for a co worker to leave to their car at the same time

Assess the Area and Environment prior to entering the Carpark. Looking for anyone lurking around or anything else you believe if suspicious

Carrying a small Torch will provide you with better vision

Walk with Good Posture, being confident and remaining Alert will keep you from looking weak or like an easy target to a would be predator

Continue to scan 360 degrees at all times remaining vigilant and aware

Listen to your Gut and trust your intuition if something does not feel safe then it probably is not. If you are unsure get out of there and return to the Building, store, etc.

Have your keys or FOBs ready to open the door, rather than rummaging through your bag / purse

Whilst getting closer to your Vehicle continue glancing and checking for any potential threat 

Before you enter the car scan and check the back seat through the window

Immediately enter the Car as quick as possible

Lock your door as soon as you enter the car and start the car

Turn the Headlights on and continually glance through the Rear-view mirror as you are leaving