Tactical Torches and Self Defence

Torches are most often something that is kept in the Kitchen Draw and dug out when there is a black out or for the annual family camping trip. Even in a black out most of us are stumbling trying to remember where our torch is.

We are firm believers everyone should carry a Flash Light and be equipped to operate it as a tactical tool in a self defence situation. Not to mention being a handy help in a number of less threatening or critical situations such as changing a tyre, locating dropped items

Here is a few ways a simple cost effective torch can be used:

Identifying Potential Threats – Would be attackers, robbers and other criminals like to use the element of surprise and most often use the cover of darkness to his or her advantage. A bright light can be used to effectively illuminate the area, identifying potential threats and often just shining a torch on a would be offender is enough to scare them away.

Startling would be perpetrators – A bobbing flashlight identifies a security guard or law enforcing officer the world over. Merely seeing a flashlight darting around through a vacant carpark, construction site, unoccupied warehouse etc has the potential for the  lurking villain to make an assumption of a Security Guard or Police Officer being present.

Disorientate and Disable assailants – Shining the Torch in the perpetrators eyes will temporary blind and confuse them providing you with a few seconds to gain some distance and run providing a distinct advantage.

Improvised Weapon – A good tactical Torch depending on the brand, make and construction can be used as a improvised weapon to strike the assaulter and defend yourself adequality, as a last resort. The sole purpose of a Flash Light is not to be used as a self defence weapon and should not be carried with the intention to do so.

Signal for Help – A bright LED Flashlight will draw attention from members of the public, police, security guards and any passers-by. Enabling to signal for assistant and potentially scaring off a would be mugger.

Choosing a good Tactical Torch really is a matter of personal preference. Here at RTC we like the old school Six (6) and Three (3) D Cell Maglite’s with the new LEDs for Duty Torches and Cant go past the newer Maglite Two (2) C Cells and The LED Lenser P5 and P7 for our more compact EDCs.

When choosing a suitable torch the following should be considered:

Lumens Output – At least 100 lumens should be considered. This will cause a blinding effect due to momentary retina burn when shined in the eyes and also provide sufficient visibility to illuminate most areas.

Bulb Type – LED Bulbs are significantly brighter and last longer than the standard incandescent bulbs. Whilst also causing less battery drain.

Size – A small flash light that is palm sized is easy and convenient to carry whilst a larger Torch is better suited to situations that are likely to require longer and heavier usage.

Construction – It is likely that the torch will be dropped and choosing a rugged housing will ensure that it stays lite even after being man handled, We recommend that the Torch is Mil-Spec and constructed from a Type 3 hardened aluminium or similar. Consideration should also be made for Waterproofing and most established brands come with an O Ring Gasket at both ends providing sufficient protection from water.

Price – Price is always a consideration with any purchase however we recommend you stay away from the cheap knockoffs

Brands – Stick with an established and know brand. Most come with a Warranty and parts will be readily available in the event that spare are needed which will be inevitable over the life of the Torch.

You may also take into consideration: Run Time, Battery Type, Weight, Beam Distance, Impact Resistance, Beam Type. Modes, Shape, Colour, Accessories and a many more factors when making a decision to purchase a Tactical Flash Light