Capability Statement

Ray Turner Consultant are a specialist Security consulting and contracting company providing professional services in the auditing, design, implementation, management and control of all your integrated security requirements.

We combine Technology, Physical Infrastructure, People and Processes within the defined constraints of the project to achieve the most practicable and cost-effective security solution.

We are a diverse and unique organisation created out of necessity. We tailor our approach and Methodologies to your requirements. We are firm believers that there is no off the shelf nor one size fits all approach when it comes to protecting your Family, People, Home, Business, Infrastructure, Service, Intellectual Property or whatever asset may vulnerable to any range of security threats.

We work with our client’s exclusively in firstly identifying all potential threats and risks. From there we design and developing specific and unique engineered solutions ensuring that they are cost effective, realistic and suitable. Ray Turner Consultants then work wholly with you to implement the systems, services and products. Following successful execution, we do not leave you there but provide ongoing support, training, maintenance, manpower and monitoring to ensure you maintain the best possible Security with an ever-changing environment.

We are recognised and respected as being able to accomplish all deliverables and desired outcomes often under demanding circumstances in diverse environments for a wide range of clients.