What exactly do you do?

We have specialised knowledge within The Security industry with many years on the ground working in all areas of the Industry such as designing and installing Electronic Security Equipment and protecting people and property across a variety of diverse projects and environments.

In short, we analyse your assets and identify potential threats, breaches and risks.

Evaluating data and drawing on experience and knowledge to design and develop solutions, protocols and policies, contingency plans, and implement a variety of security measures required to protect your financial assets, information, intellectual property, objects, and people.

We really don’t know if we need Security at all and if so what and how much do we need?

Determining what security measures should be implemented to protect your people and assets within your budget is often the most challenging aspect.

We recommend a Security Assessment be conducted as the first step which will identify your organisations risks and enable us to establish the priorities.

What is a Threat Assessment?

A threat assessment is an essential part of The Security Consulting Process. We utilise this type of assessment to identify possible and potential threats to your facility and operations and the probability of these threats impacting your property, operations, business running’s and wellbeing.

Are you able to assist with implementing Counter Terrorism Procedures?

At Ray Turner Consultants we understand the importance of counter terrorism and consider such Threats for all Clients during the Consulting process. Our Director is a Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner and we implement strategies, techniques, tactics, practices, engineering solutions and various other measures to prevent and respond to a variety of critical incidents such as terrorist attacks.

Should your Assessment identify the requirement of Cameras, An Alarm, Other Electronic Security Devices, Security Personnel or other Manpower are you able to assist?

Ray Turner Consultants are owned by RJHB Turner Pty and our Sister Company Ray Turner Technologies specialise in Electronic Security and can assist with all your Electronic Needs. Please visit Ray Turner Technologies Website www.rayturnertechnologies.com or Contact via Phone: 0448 141 747 or email [email protected] for more information.

Likewise, Ray Turner Services are able to also assist with all Manpower Requirements. Please visit Ray Turner Services Website www.rayturnerservices.com or Contact via Phone: 0448 141 747 or email [email protected] for more information.

At the time of providing recommendation we will clearly identify what requirements are recommended, along with proposals and quotes from our affiliated companies. We will also provide you with a clear Scope of proposed work so that you are able to engage alternative companies should you wish to do so.

How much does a Security Assessment Cost?

Our rates are very competitive and are constructed considering the specifics of your business and the assignment. Details that are considered include Location, size of Business, Complexity and nature of operations, number of employees and a range of other factors.

We offer a cost and obligation free quotation, where we are able to assess your requirements and provide a fixed price for the task.

What is your Security Licence Details?

Ray Turner Consultants are licenced in Queensland and NSW. Our Master Licence Detail are 4023302 (QLD) and 000104079 (NSW). These details can be located at the bottom of each page on our Website among other places.

All our Personnel are appropriately licenced as Security and trained for the duties they perform.

All Security Licences are subject to rigorous background checks which include mandatory fingerprinting and a Criminal History Check.

Our Key Personnel hold experience, knowledge and additional qualifications and credentials in various areas of the Security Industry and we ensure that we match these to best suit the specifics of each client and project.

Do you cater for Residential Properties and Families as well as Commercial Companies?

We are able to cater for your needs and requirements and assist a variety of diverse and different clients such as Residential and Domestic, Large Corporate Clients, Small to medium size businesses, places of worship, construction site

Can you provide Training?

We are equipped to provide Tailored Training for your all your requirements.

What areas do you provide Services in?

Ray Turner Consultants serviceSouth East Queensland and Northern NSW on a day to day basis.

We are also able to provide Services for many of our clients on a Global basis subject to Assignment Details. Please contact our Office to discuss further.